What Can an Integrated System Do?

In this section, we offer some solution ideas on what could be accomplished with a smart system. Of course, these are by no means everything that could be delivered!

Your Peace of Mind

A trip to the shops, a weekend away or a long term unoccupied holiday home .. you need peace of mind that all is secure. And that’s not just for intrusion detection, but to answer those nagging questions ‘is the heating working ok?’, ‘could there be a water leak?’, ‘are the windows and door closed?’

A system that not only allows you to check on things from anywhere in the world, but a system that can alert you if anything does go wrong. All the while that system is managing things for you – making sure heating is used economically, keeping an eye on any unexpected water flow, making sure windows and doors remain secure and randomly switching lights on and off during the evening to simulate that you are in. 

There’s security and there’s peace of mind security – let’s talk about how to achieve the best!

A Little Assistance

We will all need support in our later years, we may have vulnerable relatives that need just a little help. A smart home installation offers the ability to unobtrusively monitor and provide alerts for anyone that may require assistance when unattended – a lone elderly person perhaps. The use of motion capture systems and intelligent tracking around the home can be used to alert for prolonged inactivity and issue an appropriate alert. And the same system can provide ‘panic’ alarms for the occupants. 

Let’s talk about planning for the long term future!

Heating Source Management

Modern heating systems increasingly use multiple sources, from gas boilers, solar thermal and PV to ground & air source heat pumps. Even wood burners with back boilers are common these days. However, the options for sensible easy to use controls are limited. If you want each source to work together in an eco friendly way, that’s a real challenge.

Loxone thrives here, visual easy and consistent. Any source, any number, any function, all seamlessly working together. Why not have a read of our
solutions for efficient energy control
in our blog?

Want a system that gets the best of all energy worlds – let’s talk!


Energy Management

Management of the energy demands of the home or office requires the integration of multiple information sources (for example, the weather, current and required room temperatures, energy pricing now and in the future), and multiple vendor equipment (solar panel inverter, solar thermal arrays, energy provider). 

Imagine having a system that can monitor your energy demands, communicate your energy provider for current pricing, turn on high load devices like an EV vehicle or washing machines when the electricity is cheap, heat water from the photo-voltaic system when excess energy is being generated? Intelligent use of energy, checking in real-time the cost of electricity. 

Smart energy management in real-time – why not? Let’s talk about it!

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