Consult and Design


We offer a service to design, build and commission the beating heart of the smart system. Whether you are a builder, contractor, architect or home owner, we take your requirements, the agreed design and Loxone’s superb range of products to build a pre-configured panel mounted installation.  

This could anything from a small retrofit into an existing home or office, or new installation in new premises.

We design the full solution, including all integration points to other systems such as network, security, audio-visual etc. The design includes a full wiring schedule which can be used by your electrician to install the necessary wiring around the building. Your electrician works with the wiring schedule to deliver all the control wiring to the panel installation location.

Build and Commission


We build and configure the heart of the smart home system in robust pre-configured panels that contain all the components needed to operate the smart home. 

The program logic to control the system is built and bench tested before delivery. 

The pre-configured panel is provided with all the control and safety components required to operate the smart space. This includes power supplies, circuit breakers, surge protection, Loxone equipment – including the programming of the Loxone system to manage the functions included in the design. All bench tested BEFORE it is installed.

This solution allows for quick on-site installation, as all wiring input and outputs are managed through terminal blocks that are designed for ease of identification and speed of connection. 

The panel is supplied with test plan and installation instructions. SavvySpaces manage the final connection to power and device control wiring. SavvySpaces completes panel electrical wiring, tests device inputs and outputs (e.g. valve controls, temperature sensors etc.), tests the configuration, and completes the commissioning with a signed-off test report. 

Finally, the commissioning is concluded with a system guide and user operating instructions.


Support and Maintenance


SavvySpaces can provide services to upgrade, maintain and extend your existing system. Whether it’s to upgrade to Loxone’s latest version of their firmware, or to add or alter existing functions in the system, we can handle it. 

We have more than ten years of experience in building and installing Loxone systems, and regularly refresh our knowledge on the latest developments from Loxone.

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