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Tubular Motor SOLIDline Air 20Nm

The tubular motor SOLIDline Air by Geiger Antriebstechnik with integrated Loxone Air radio technology – perfect for renovators!

  • for fully automatic control of your shutters and awnings
  • full Loxone Smart Home integration
  • a motor for all projects – thanks to Loxone Air wireless technology
  • perfect for renovators & refurbishers: easy assembly & commissioning
  • no separate cables required for buttons and transmitters
  • Thanks to mesh technology, structural barriers can also be easily overcome
  • Loxone Smart Home ready
  • Wireless coverage throughout the house
  • Loxone Ready
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Sun protection with Air technology

The radio tubular motor controls your shutters and awnings thanks to the integrated Loxone Air technology in the Loxone Smart Home. Depending on parameters, such as the position of the sun or room temperature, the mini server, as the heart of the Loxone Smart Home, takes over the fully automatic control of the radio tube motor and intelligently networks it with other systems such as heating, cooling, lighting and more.