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Nano Motor Controller Tree

SKU: 100473

The Nano Motor Controller Tree is a compact flush-mounted module for DC loads, which are controlled via Loxone Tree technology. The configurable outputs can be used to control the speed of DC motors or dim LED lights. You can use the Nano Motor Controller Tree in three different operating modes: Bidirectional motor, unidirectional motor, and PWM dimming. In addition, the module has current flow detection and overcurrent detection.

  • 3 Operating Modes
    – Bidirectional Motor (1 Output, Polarity Reversal)
    – Unidirectional Motor (2 Outputs)
    – PWM Dimmer (1 Output)
  • Max. Total load for outputs
    – Bi- & Unidirectional: 2.1A continuous; 3.5A peak (<30s)
    – Dimmer: 2.1A
  • Speed controlled for bi- & unidirectional
  • Operating voltage 9…26VDC
  • PWM Frequency:
    – Bi- & Unidirectional: 1 … 10kHz
    – PWM Dimmer: 400Hz
  • Current Flow Detection: 100 … 3500mA
  • Overcurrent Detection: 100 … 3500mA
  • Compact Dimensions: 40x39x20.5mm
  • Integrated 150mm long connection cable
  • Commissioned in record time thanks to Loxone Tree technology
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Flush-mounted module for integration of DC motors (polarity reversal) and LED lighting

You can choose between three operating modes with the Nano Motor Controller Tree.
– In bidirectional mode, you can control one 9 … 26VDC motor and change the polarity
– In unidirectional mode, you can control two 9 … 26VDC motors (fixed polarity)
– In both modes, the speed of the motor can be controlled continuously.

You can also use the Nano Motor Controller Tree as a 1-channel PWM dimmer for 24VDC LED lamps.

Bidirectional Motor 
Unidirectional Motors Motor Unindirektional
PWM Dimmer Dimmer