Our Services

Design of the Smart Space

Are you an architect, a builder, building manager, business-owner or home-owner?

SavvySpaces can offer services to fit into your project. Installing a home automation system benefits greatly from early input to the building design – making sure cabling, sensors and actuators are provisioned appropriately for the system. Ensuring that there’s space to fit the additional control equipment and that it integrates fully with other components such as audio-visual equipment, security systems, door or other access controls and network routers, switches and Wi-Fi hubs.

We can take your concept and requirements to a design using our own templated approach that will give you a detailed price and bill of materials for inclusion in the building proposal.

What We Do


Design your System

We work with you to take your concept and add our experience and expertise to design your system. 

Our designs provide you with a full bill of materials, wiring schedules and of course, cost.


Build and Commission your System

We build and configure the heart of the smart home system in robust pre-configured panels that contain all the components needed to operate the smart home. 

Our builds meet all current regulatory requirements and are constructed to allow quick and easy on-site installation


Support and Maintain your System

Our systems are designed for resilience and low maintenance. But all systems change as new requirements emerge. We provide an ongoing support service, and when you want to add new features to the smart space, then our designs ensure that these can be added with the minimum of effort

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