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Lighting Lighting Lighting, The final result

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!

Case Study – Christchurch London We had been cleaning and changing high-level Lighting at the Church for many years, at 120W each and mountains of them, the heat losses from them alone were huge. There was some serious energy being consumed here, and not in a useful manner. One day we got a call out...

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Victron ESS PylonTech Batteries

Electricity, But not as you know it.

Electricity, But not as you know it… This is a follow on blog from ‘The Gas Alternative‘. We expand on the same installation with the Victron ESS System. The initial driver and customer spec was the ability to maintain a power supply in the event of a power outage. A generator was naturally the first...

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Loxone System schematic

The Gas Alternatives

The Gas Alternatives. Part of our energy management series. With soaring energy prices being part of the new normal, it is now time to consider how we might mitigate against the effects and find gas alternatives. Planning for a future without natural gas is not going to be easy, we have some answers. Producing, storing,...

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Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome To The Blog! Apparently, it is customary to introduce yourself when starting one of these. Who came up with this rule? Surely you only start your blog once! So that’s the question of the day out of the way! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Martyn. I started planning what has...

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