Endless Options – Use Your Imagination!

There must be dozens, if not hundreds of systems to control lights or heating available on the market. However, a truly smart system integrates every system that is operating in the space. Everything from your power usage from the grid or self-generation, to heating, cooling, lighting, audio, and security. We can even include external services, such as electricity spot pricing, and music services like Spotify. 

At SavvySpaces, we think we’ve picked the leader in the market for managing the whole space, the whole building – Loxone. 

SavvySpaces, an accredited Loxone partner based in London, we are ready to help and support you with your project right from the initial planning.

SavvySpaces Loxone London partners

Smart Homes Are the Future:


62% of smart home users claim security as the top benefit of a smart home system.


Current estimates suggest that smart heating management can save atleast 20% on energy bills.

Remote Monitoring

3 out of 5 users use a smart phone to check remotely on their home.

Time Saving

Nearly 60% of smart home users claim a measurable saving in time.

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